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Event Centre Satama is a modern, versatile event centre in the City Port of Kotka, South East Finland. The doors of Event Centre Satama will open in August 2023, welcoming event organisers and visitors from Finland and abroad. Architecturally unique, Event Centre Satama’s flexible spaces are suited to a variety of events: concerts, exhibitions, meetings, seminars, trade fairs, business events, private events, sports events, and many more. Together with high-quality event services, the adaptability of the spaces guarantee a successful event from small gatherings to large functions with over 3,000 participants. Event Centre Satama will join the network of venues across South Finland as the first sufficiently capacious and versatile facility in South East Finland.

Upcoming events

Konsertti Satama Areenalla kuvituskuva

- 29.7.2023

Meripäivät Arena

Meripäivät Arena is a set of concerts organized during Kotka Maritime Festival (Meripäivät) July 27-29, 2023.
Kuvituskuva Satama Areenan avajaisista, läntinen sisäänkäynti

- 1.9.2023

Event Centre Satama Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of Event Centre Satama is getting close! Our opening week is filled with lots of different events – stay tuned for the full program.

- 10.9.2023

National Local Heritage Conference

The National Local Heritage Conference is an annual event organised by the Finnish Local Heritage Federation. The event is open to all and promotes the diversity of regional cultures in Finland.
Satama Areenan rakennuksessa korostuu ainutlaatuinen arkkitehtuuri.


Event Centre Satama’s unique architecture is the work of ALA Architects. The zinc-clad wooden building houses a vast multipurpose hall and a large lobby space covered by a sail-like roof structure. The northernmost edge of the elegantly sloping roof reaches down nearly to the ground, almost allowing the visitor to touch its dependable wooden surface. The beautiful lobby space invites visitors in to find shelter from the cold harbour winds.

Event Centre Satama meeting packages

We have made organising meetings simple! Event Centre Satama meeting packages include a comfortably furnished room, modern meeting technology and tasty refreshments.

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Wonderful versatility

See the amazing flexibility of Event Centre Satama! The soundproof, moveable partitions allow for many different configurations and simultaneous events. Tailoring its services according to need, Event Centre Satama aspires to provide its customers with unforgettable experiences.