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Event Centre Satama is a new event centre to be built in the City Port in Kotka, South East Finland. It will be completed in 2023. The event centre aspires to attract conventions and conferences, concerts, cultural and sports events, trade fairs and business events across the country. Event Centre Satama will join the network of venues across South Finland as the first sufficiently capacious and versatile facility in South East Finland.
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The adaptable spaces of Event Centre Satama

Event Centre Satama boasts versatile and flexible premises and services suited to many types of events. The largest hall can fit more than 3,000 people. Thanks to soundproof partitions, several events can be held in Event Centre Satama at the same time. The largest hall can be used to its full capacity (size XL), or smaller sections ranging from L to XS can be partitioned off according to need. The full, XL size combined with the XS space (at a level above ground floor) fits approximately 3,200 people, some standing, or 2,000 people seated. In size L, the hall fits some 2,500 people in a standing event. Dividing the hall into two creates an M size space for 1,000 people and an S size space for 700 people. The smallest, XS size space in the upper storey functions primarily as a flexible meeting facility that can be divided into smaller rooms.
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In addition to Event Centre Satama’s facilities, event organisers can rent the sports hall of the neighbouring university campus, seating 300 people. Available lobby space in the event centre can be increased by utilising the adjacent restaurant and bar. The total usable lobby space is 1,625 m² (over 17,000 square feet). The extended lobby area serves as a mingling space for audiences. It can also be used independently as the primary event space for exhibitions and functions.

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Event Centre Satama in operation

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The cornerstones of Event Centre Satama are fluent logistics and carefully planned presentation technology. Event organisers and operators are able to connect their own technological gear to the venue equipment, and the power supply and mounting needs of various types of events are taken into consideration. Event logistics are run from a designated maintenance area located by the railway, south of the hotel and Event Centre Satama. The day-to-day running of an event centre in a cost-effective manner necessitates efficient set-up and dismantling of events. The maintenance area is spacious enough for even a large semi-trailer truck to be maneuvered there without obstructing other traffic.

Thanks to the sturdy floor of the venue, a truck can be driven all the way in for loading and unloading. The floor has a concrete topping, and its load capacity is as much as 16 tonnes per square metre (roughly 3,200 pounds per square foot). The heated loading area can accommodate two vehicles, and the doors are fitted with seals to prevent heat loss. Thanks to the partitioning, loading can be carried out in one part of the hall without disturbing on-going events in other parts of the hall. The storage facilities are lockable and located behind the hall. The maintenance hallways are wide enough for moving stage elements on a forklift. A spacious service lift will be built at the back of the building for the benefit of the upper-storey XS space and performers. Presentation technology equipment can be mounted on designated spots on the walls and ceiling of the hall. Stages are assembled from stage deck units to ensure maximum flexibility.

Towards successful events

Minna Nyman
Managing Director
+358 40 709 2982
Preparations for launching the event operations are well underway. We want to provide our clients with top-quality service, so if you as an event organiser have any ideas or comments on how to develop our services even further, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

You may use the webform on the Event Centre Satama website or contact us directly via email at minna.nyman@satama.fi or by phone at (+358) 40 709 2982.