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Kantasatama Kotka

The old port of Kotka, Kantasatama, lies in the heart of the city by the Baltic Sea. Ever the meeting point of people, cultures and worlds, a new chapter is about to begin in the story of this historic place.

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One of the key functions of Event Centre Satama is to support the growth of event and tourism industries in the Kotka region, as well as boost the attractiveness, welfare and vitality of the city. The Event Centre is part of the sustainable development policy of the city of Kotka. It generates vibrant local life while respecting the environment.

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Event Centre Satama is located in the seaside city of Kotka. You can easily reach us, whether by car, on foot or by public transport. We are about an hour and a half’s ride from Helsinki. You can even reach us by water!


Kantasatama Kotka

The old port of Kotka, Kantasatama, lies in the heart of the city by the Baltic Sea. Ever the meeting point of people, cultures and worlds, thousands of stories have landed in this historic place. With yesterday still present, tomorrow is being built.

It is time to start a new chapter in the story of Kantasatama. The setting is unique: a meeting point alive in the past as well as the present, a place of learning and working together.

Read more about Kantasatama here (in Finnish).

The Kantasatama area is an integral part of the history of Kotka. Even before Kotka officially claimed the status of city in 1879, Kantasatama was an active harbour. Port operations continued to the early 2000’s. When Maritime Centre Vellamo opened in 2008, it sparked the idea of developing the entire port area into a vibrant part of the Kotka city centre. Active development flourished all through the 2010s, culminating in the decision to build Event Centre Satama and the new Kotka campus of the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences in Kantasatama, next to Maritime Centre Vellamo.

Kantasatama will be an inspiring, exciting centre of events, learning, creativity and experience that will command attention on a global scale. It has always been the meeting point of people, cultures and worlds. It will continue to bring us together tomorrow, thus giving birth to new, unique stories. Will one of them be yours?