Satama Areenan tilat monipuolisiin tapahtumiin

Adaptable event and meeting spaces

Event Centre Satama – the venue
of endless possibilities

From small, private gatherings to a dazzling musical show of over 3,000 spectators, Event Centre Satama serves all types of events. The divisible multi-purpose hall (L) and the spacious lobby on the ground floor are complemented by the flexible XS space and the fully equipped meeting rooms on the top floor. Using moveable, soundproof partitions, the L hall can be divided into two smaller spaces (M and S), whereas the XS space can be divided into as many as six smaller rooms. The adaptable and versatile spaces of the Event Centre ensure flexibility and efficiency in event organising. A first-rate event experience is finalised by the venue’s excellent catering and technical services. Event Centre Satama has ample backstage room: several dressing rooms, a green room and a production office, all available to the performers.

Event Centre Satama meeting packages

We have made organising meetings simple! Event Centre Satama meeting packages include a comfortably furnished room, modern meeting technology and tasty refreshments.

Flexible spaces

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Event Centre Satama comprises a spacious lobby and a large, multi-purpose hall (L) on the ground floor, with another, smaller space (XS) on the top floor, complemented by five meeting rooms.

Koripallo-ottelu Satama Areenalla

Event spaces

Event Centre Satama’s halls are easily arranged in different configurations according to event organisers’ needs.

3,200 people

Meeting rooms

Event Centre Satama has five fixed-sized meeting rooms, and sound-proof partitions can be used to divide the XS space into six additional meeting rooms.

15–450 people

Lobby space

There are two distinct lobby areas in Event Centre Satama. Both can also be used as event spaces: the high, sloping ceiling and large windows of the architecturally graceful main lobby form a magnificent setting for any event, while the smaller, upper-floor lobby space can be used, for example, to arrange a coffee service for meetings. Both the XS space and the fixed-size meeting rooms can be entered from the upper-floor lobby.

Ihmisiä ulkona Satama Areenan edustalla

Outdoor space

A large open-air square will be built between Event Centre Satama and Maritime Centre Vellamo. The square forms a part of the urban park areas of Kotka, and it will be fitted with the infrastructure required to organise open-air events.

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